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We aim to provide a comprehensive source of the key club news, a reliable reference of results and future events, promote cycling activities within the club, record and reflect the achievements of the club & to publicise the club.

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We will be looking for members to help provide various content to help run the newsletter!

Proposed Typical Content:

Introductory Paragraph

Last quarter Results:
○ Mallory Park
○ TT
○ Cyclocross
○ Audax
○ Track

● Future Events:
○ Mallory Park
○ TT
○ Cyclocross
○ Audax
○ Track
○ Sportives
○ List of club ride destinations
○ Rockets Training Nights
○ Club Dinner
○ Committee Meetings
○ Etc

○ Reminder of the arrangements for tokens
○ Thank you list of those who have volunteered in last quarter
○ Requests for Volunteers for future events

New Members
○ Welcome to new members joining in the last quarter

Club Members Individual Articles (events/technical issues/club
history etc)
○ Eg An account of the club riders day out on the Three Peaks
○ Beginners guide to Cyclocross/Audax/Track

Regular Features
○ Eg Question and Answer with a club member!

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