2018 LFCC Evening 10 TTs

The series of 6 evening 10 mile time trials has been approved, and all the paperwork is complete. Now we need to go about finding volunteers to put them on!

We need a full roster of volunteers signed up in good time before each event - our absolute cut off date is the week before the event - if the roster isn't full by then, the event will be cancelled.

Volunteers will be able to earn a volunteer token for each night they help out, and any LFCC member wishing to compete in the Club TT Trophy, will be required to volunteer for at least one event in order to qualify.

N.B. If you volunteer for an event and that night gets cancelled, it still qualifies as your one night volunteering.

The Championship is based on your 4 best rides out of the maximum 5 events in which you can race (taking out the one volunteered for) - if a subsequent event is cancelled, or there's a night you can't race, meaning for example you only race 3 nights, then the average of the rides completed will be used to bring you up to the four times required for the purposes of the championships.

Please see the roster on the attached link to the Google Drive - you should be able to edit, so please just write your name against the role you wish to help with, on the dates you can.

I'll be setting up Facebook event pages for each night, and if you have any questions about what the roles entail, just drop me a line.

FULL Details visit the main TT Page

Leicester Forest