Cyclocross Race Volunteers - Sunday 17th Nov

We’ve almost arrived at the last big LFCC event of the calendar year and the last big push for volunteers - the cyclocross race at Beaumont Leys.

This year Andreas Quansah has taken over the event organisation from Alan Bontoft. To avoid adding any more stress to his plate, Andreas would be really grateful if you can help, to sign up as soon as possible…to avoid that sinking feeling of only 2 volunteers, 30 empty slots, 2 weeks to go and a million other things to arrange!

  • If you’re looking to race, then it would be great if you could help with setup and take down;

  • If you’re not racing, we need another army of LFCC marshalls for the event itself, helpers to set up and take down;

  • If you can only make part of the day, we’d still appreciate your help - just let Andreas know in the sign up form.

Whilst it may seem we are often calling for more volunteers for events, this year we’ve had over 70 unique volunteers (excluding rockets events) - room for improvement, but actually doing okay.

We’d love to get more people in the club helping out to share the workload, so if you’ve not done so this year, this is your last chance to take part!

Volunteer sign up here:

Leicester Forest