Discounted Sports Therapy for Members

Daniel Gwyer from Hands on Fitness in Loughborough has been in touch to offer the club a discounted rate for anyone interested in their services. The details of the services available can be found in this PDF and are detailed below:

Consultation (£30) - Does not have to be booked before other services can be used.

Two types of consultation:

1. An individual has an existing injury or may suspect injury; involves exercise based assessment and testing in a therapy room. These sessions will also involve ~30 minutes of deep tissue massage to alleviate some of the symptoms an individual may be experiencing.

2. An individual doesn't have any obvious injury but has a suspected dysfunction (such as chronic lower back pain), and would like to know how they can combat this. This would be based in more of a gym setting with exercise profiling through a number of movements to identify/strengthen areas that need attention. This does not include a massage as it can take a lot longer!

Following the consultation, depending on how the individual would like to proceed, a plan can be made utilising all of the services I provide to improve the current state of injury/dysfunction and prevent further issues. 

Alternatively the individual will be shown and given a select number of exercises that can be used to alleviate, prevent and potentially reverse some of the dysfunction experienced. 

Pricing following a consultation would then adopt normal pricing depending on the type of treatment (gym based mobility/training or massage).

Sports Massage (at least 1 hour), 1 off session is £35

If this is your first time attending, history will be taken, a form of assessment (if needed) carried out, followed by a 1 hour sports massage

- Can be purchased as a 1 off session with no other obligation

PT/Mobility (at least 1 hour), 1 off session is £30

If this is your first time attending, history will be taken, followed by a 1 hour training or mobility session

- Depending on the individuals goals, the session will be made up of all, or a select few of the following; strength and conditioning, mobility and functional fitness.

Strength and conditioning would involve, as the name suggests, building strength where needed as well as improving an individuals levels of fitness. This can also be used for performance improvements through power development.

Mobility focused sessions would involve improving an individuals range of motion (ROM) where needed, as well as encouraging pain free movement. Typically involves banded work, rolling, stretching and pelvic/spinal control.

Functional Fitness sessions focus on movement patterns that are used in everyday life, sessions incorporate static and dynamic movements to circuit based programs.

As an added benefit, I include additional loyalty discounts for multiple sessions that are booked over 4 and 8 week periods. For example, club members wanting a 1 hour sports massage every other week, for 8 weeks (as highlighted in the PDF) would bring the individual cost of the sports massage down to £30.00 an hour if purchased as a plan.

Similarly, club members wanting a 1 hour mobility session, once a week, for 4 weeks would bring the individual cost of the PT/mobility sessions down to £27.50. Also shown on the attached pricing PDF.

Please note that plan duration and the combination of services received is not limited to the attached document, but can be further tailored to meet the goals and circumstances of the individual.

Please also feel free to call me on the below number if you need more information or, are unsure of the services offered.

Pete Alfano