Road Race Volunteers - 14th September

On Saturday 14th September the club holds its annual road race, this is the final round of the East Midlands Road Race League (EMRRL) and the only event promoted at British Cycling National B level. This means we have entries from Elite category riders, the only other event at this level or above locally is the Cicle Classic.

However to be able to promote such an event we need volunteers from the club to support the event throughout the day, preparing, marshalling etc... you don’t have to volunteer all day, but any time given to one of the many roles would be greatly appreciated. At present we do not have enough volunteers to continue with the event safely, if this is not rectified soon it will leave us no option but to cancel the race, which would be of great disappointment to those who have entered, the EMRRL and the club as a whole.

We would like to ask that if you have some time on the 14th, that you offer to support your club to promote another excellent event, this race has always received great feedback from those who participate and those that watch it. This only happens because of the club members supporting it.

To help, please sign up at

David Allchin