Leicester Forest Cycling Club Membership

Leicester Forest Cycling Club "LFCC" are always delighted to welcome new members. Whether you are an experienced racer or someone new to cycling it makes sense to join a club. Like many sports, cycling is best enjoyed as part of a group.

Not only do your club mates provide much needed advice or encouragement when the going gets tough, but race days or group days out can offer an extra dimension that cycling on your own will not provide.

If you have any queries concerning membership, please email: membership@leicesterforest.org.uk

Membership details:

  • Adult £12.50 + £1 Online fee*

  • Junior £5.00 + 50p Online fee* (Under 18 years of age)

  • Family £25.00 + £2 Online fee* (2 adults and unlimited children under 18 years of age)

  • Subscriptions run from Dec 1st - Nov 31st.

  • If you join during Oct or Nov your membership will last until Dec 1st the following year.

  • You can join online or with a paper form.

  • You can pay via Cash, Cheque, Online Card & Our prefered method - Standing order.

*We get charged a small amount for online payments, if you wish to avoid these fees you can send a payment direct to the club bank account.

Pay Via Standing Order

If you use internet or telephone banking, you can set up a standing order directly. Please email the LFCC Treasurer to for instructions how to do this: - treasurer@leicesterforest.org.uk

Join Online:

Leicester Forest Annual Membership
from 5.50

Adult £12.50 + £1 Online fee* (18+)

Junior £5.00 + 50p Online fee* (Under 18)

Family £25.00 + £2 Online fee* (2 adults and unlimited children under 18 years of age)

*We get charged a small amount for online payments, if you wish to avoid these fees you can send a payment direct to the club bank account.

Membership Type:
Add To Cart

Join with a paper form via post

If you would like to use the manual paper form please download the PDF or Word membership document and follow the instructions on the form or ask if another club member could pass it on.

If you have any queries concerning membership, please email: membership@leicesterforest.org.uk

Reasons to Join Leicester Forest Cycling Club: 

To gain more cycling knowledge - None of us can know it all - fellow club members will become a wealth of information on topics like where to ride, how to train - or maybe even how to enter your first time trial or ride off-road at night for the first time. Often, cyclists that have been riding the same roads for years, find a new favorite road when they ride out with our club. Probably the best reason to join Leicester Forest Cycling Club is so that you can find out what is happening in the Leicester area. Our members will be riding all kinds of rides, every day of the week. There's bound to be something to interest YOU. Take a look at our main club rides here.

A sense of belonging to something - It can be easy to overlook the fact that there are groups out there that support your leisure and social interests. Joining a group of cyclists can be a hell of a lot of fun, whether it be to pound out the miles in preparation for a challenge event, practicing pace making for road races, or just a summer evening ride to a country pub for a pint. Leicester Forest are inclusive of all abilities and have a membership made up from a wide cross section of society.

Moral support and motivation - Riding with others will help you to get out and ride when it might be easier to sit at home on the settee. Racing with us will motivate you to train and push your limits - if that's what your interested in of course.

An opportunity to give something back - The longer you spend cycling, the more you learn. You might have once been a racer in your youth or have experience of following travel, belonging to a club allows you to pass your knowledge on to younger or less experienced cyclists. Just because we learnt the hard way doesn't mean that the newcomers to our sport have to. Even if you are not as active as you once were, you might wish to be a valuable part of a team by helping with events etc. Leicester Forest Cycling Club is non-elitist and has a structure that allows an easy flow of information from it's most experienced riders through to the novices.

To meet new friends - Some bike clubs are more about social activities than others. Ours offers you the opportunity to associate with other cyclists that have a similar passion for the sport. Maybe you have just moved to our area? Joining our club is an easy way to get familiar with your new surroundings and meet some people while you're at it.

Joining our club will also allow you to race - in British Cycling and Cycling Time Trial affiliated events CTT "The National Governing Body for Cycling Time Trials in England & Wales". As we are affiliated to them, you'll benefit from their insurance terms.

It can be nerve-wracking to turn up to a club meeting for the first time. Not knowing if your bike or your fitness will be upto it. We're bound to say that we're a bit different and more welcoming, but just try us, you won't be disappointed.

Terms and conditions:

I wish to apply for / renew my membership with Leicester Forest Cycling Club and agree to abide by the Club Rules and to conduct myself at all times in such a way as not to discredit the Club’s name.
I understand that:

Any personal information provided to Leicester Forest Cycling Club will be processed in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998. It will be used solely by Leicester Forest Cycling Club to maintain our membership records and communicating information to you, our members.  We will not disclose anypersonal information to any other third parties unless required to do so by law.
Personal details will be held on the Leicester Forest Cycling Club's membership database.

All applications are considered by the Club Committee on receipt of a completed application form along with the Annual subscription fee:

If declined, no reason need be given by the club, although monies received will be refunded in full.