LFCC Club Audax Events


Spring Audax - Another Slice of Rutland - 200k - Saturday 21st April 2018

You must Pre-Enter the event, via the Audax UK website.

  • Distance: 200 km   in 13h20
  • Date: Saturday 21st April 2018
  • Closing date: 19 Apr 2018
  • Fee: £5

200km cycling event starting from Haynes Road, Leicester. Controls at Bottesford and Edith Weston, plus 2 information controls.
A 214km cycling event starting at Haynes Road, Leicester the home of Leicester Forest CC with controls at Bottesford and Edith Weston plus Info controls at Knossington and Brixworth. Commercial controls throughout.
**Entry via PayPal now enabled** This is a new event that leaves Leicester to follow the Wreake Valley north into the Vale of Belvoir with views of Belvoir castle. The route then heads south past the eastern end of Rutland water and on to Knossington. The route then heads south past Launde Abbey, Medbourne and on to the southernmost point of Brixworth. The route back north passes through Naseby and Saddington before returning to Haynes Road and a LFCC welcome. There are also opportunities to stop for refreshment along the way at Wymondham Windmill tea rooms, Empingham and Medbourne.


The Leicester Circle and Inner Circle Audax - Full Details TBC

If you've never ridden 100 miles/166km before, the Leicester Circle is a great way to do your first 'century'.   If you fancy something a bit shorter, but enjoy the challenge of a few hills, the 50 mile/88km 'Inner Circle' is a scenic alternative.   The entry fee is around £7/£8, depending if you need to be a temporary AUK or CTC member or not & your method of payment, and you'll get drinks, snacks and a friendly Leicester Forest welcome at the start/finish.  Here's a brief description of the rides and a link to the page where you can enter online, or download a postal entry form:

Leicester Circle 160km

166km cycling event starting from Haynes Rd, Leicester, LE54AR. Controls at Medbourne, Wistow and Desford, plus 4 information controls.
A circular imperial century through the lovely lumpy lanes of Leicestershire with the city at its heart. Enjoy some wonderful views, pretty villages and refuel at three fine cafes. 

Inner Circle 88km

88km cycling event starting from Haynes Road, Leicester, LE54AR. Controls at Medbourne, plus 2 information controls.  The little sister of the Leicester Circle. This ride explores the endless and exhilarating ups and downs of East Leicestershire, sticking to lovely quiet lanes as far as possible, and offering up some great views.


    The Rutland and Beyond Audax Sunday 11th February 2018

    Enter the event, via the Audax UK website.  Click the button on the event page - http://www.aukweb.net/events/detail/18-40/

    Take a look at a write up from CYCLING PLUS Page 24  - April 2014 which uses our now famous Rutland & Beyond Route - Artwork by Phil Dobson www.magicpen.co.uk

    The 'Rutland and Beyond' route starts from our clubhouse in East Leicester, and heads east over rolling roads to visit England's smallest county, before returning via the Welland Valley and the east Leicestershire villages. Along the way there are rollercoaster hills, superb views, in particular over Rutland Water and the Welland Valley, and some very pretty villages. Back at the clubhouse will be hot and cold drinks & food. 

    For Audax newbies - an audax is a long-distance ride with check points that you have to visit in a given time limit. - this isn't as scary as it sounds when you understand that the minimum speed is 12km/h (less than 8mph). Two of the three checkpoints are cafes, which will enable you take a rest and refuel.  You are required to navigate yourself between checkpoints, but you'll be given a routecard with directions to enable you to follow the recommended route. (Please see below for electronic files/maps of the route).

    Whether you're looking to ride at a swift or leisurely pace, this rolling route has its challenges, but is achievable for a wide range of riding styles and abilities - and if you've never ridden over 100km (62miles) before, this is a great way to do it. 

    The event is open to all, so please invite your friends. The entry fee is £7.00, or £5.00 if you're already an AUK or CTC member - and have 3rd party insurance.

    Entries are open until the 1st Feb - or until the event is full. 

    To find out more about Audax: Audax UK website

    To get an idea of how you can plan your ride, and the challenges ahead, here are some stats from a previous year's ride care of one of our club members (note: recording began about 1/2 mile into the ride) - Strava Rutland and Beyond ride stats

    Route info can be seen on the map insert below, where you can download the route in various formats such as gpx, garmin tcx or google KML.  If there are any last minute changes to the route due to roadworks etc, you will either be informed by email a week or so prior to the event or on the day.

    We recommend that you do NOT totally rely on these GPS routes to navigate, it is a good idea to bring the routesheet directions provided as a backup as you will NOT receive a map on the day.

    If you have any further questions please contact Kim - kimbo44@hotmail.com