Century Challenge

LFCC Century Challenge is a points system for LFCC riders to see who clocks up the most kilometers over the year:


The challenge is open to everyone, but please read the following rules:

Each month, every challenger must ride at least 1 x ride of 100k (62.5 miles) or more. Failure to do so each month means you get the boot!

Each 100k ride will give the rider 10 points.

Each additional 50k will give the rider a further 5 points. Ie 150k = 15 points, 200k = 20 points etc.

Each rider will be responsible for entering their own rides.

All entrants must enter their ride and at least 1 x 100k ride before the end of January to register for the challenge!

Any rides added after the 1st day of the following month (ie feb 2nd for january rides) will not be counted and if the rider has not registered any other rides they will get the boot.

Take a look at results from previous years: 


Please use this direct link to access the LFCC Century Challenge