Volunteer Tokens

If you volunteer & officially help at a club event you are entitled to a £5 LFCC Club volunteer token.

These tokens can be collected and used to help buy items such as club kit or attend the club's annual dinner.

*These rules replace the ones printed in the 2017 handbook which will be updated when reprinted

Terms & Conditions:

The club recognises that members who volunteer in undertaking essential duties at club events will incur subsistence and/or travel expenses whilst undertaking these duties.

The club decided to issue tokens in lieu of these expenses as the club cannot offer monetary reimbursements. Tokens are only redeemable as reductions against goods and/or services provided by the club (see below for exceptions).

1) Tokens have no monetary value.

2) Tokens are not transferable with the exception of parent members using tokens for their children members.

3) Volunteers are people required for positions, posts or tasks requested by an event organiser/s prior to that event taking place.

4) An individual token will allow a £5 reduction in the cost of goods or services provided by the club, apart from membership fees, event entry fees, fines or any other levy that the club or committee decides to implement against a member or members. (For ease of administration it is accepted that each volunteer’s expenses are £5 or more. Should a volunteer’s expenses be less than £5, the volunteer should confirm this with the event organiser and the token for that event will be reduced accordingly).

5) Tokens can be redeemed against a transaction either together or individually.

6) A single token shall be awarded for each event at which a club member volunteers.

7) A member can accumulate any number of tokens in any one calendar year.

8) A maximum of 5 tokens may be rolled over into the following year. Go Ride coaches are exempt from this rule whilst undertaking those duties.

9)  Tokens will only be awarded to individuals who are LFCC members on the date/s of the event at which they have opted to volunteer.

10)  Tokens will only be awarded to those who have offered to volunteer prior to the start of an event, or where the organiser has expressly asked a person for help in order that an event might run. Such instances must be ratified by the committee ASAP post event.

11) In order to be awarded a token it is the responsibility of the volunteer to ensure that their name is logged with the organiser of the event ASAP after the event has completed.

12) It is the event organiser’s responsibility to indicate which volunteer positions are creditable.

13) It is the organiser’s responsibility to log their volunteers with the club's membership secretary

asap after the event has taken place. Information should be emailed to membership@leicesterforest.org.uk

14) Lists of volunteers to receive credit for an event can only be edited by the event organiser. Late entries to a list must be explained by the event organiser to the committee. The decision of the committee in such cases will be final.

15) Tokens are always awarded at the discretion of the committee. In the event of a dispute the committee's decision is final.

16) Tokens are redeemable by contacting the membership secretary in the first instance and

in every case, prior to a transaction taking place.

17) Information on the award of tokens and of token holders will be kept by the membership secretary. This information is confidential but may be accessed via a request to the committee.

18) Event organisers are also eligible for two  tokens per event.

19) Volunteers at Go Ride activities are eligible for tokens assuming they are LFCC members. A nominated Go Ride coach must inform the membership secretary of eligible awards after each Go ride activity.

20) The committee has approved the issue of 150 tokens per financial year. Once this total has been reached the committee will issue further tokens in exceptional circumstances only.