Let's Ride Leicester - Sunday 25th August

This year’s Let’s ride (formerly Sky Ride) takes place on the 25th August, with a closed road circuit around the city centre. LFCC will have a stand in Bede Park again this year with roller bikes/watt bikes and plenty of promotional material. We’re looking for members to help man the stand in short 2 hours slots, so it can be combined with riding the circuit yourself.

As always, if you like to help at the stand please sign up at https://www.leicesterforest.com/volunteering

For more details on Let’s Ride Leicester visit: https://www.letsride.co.uk/events/leicester

Leicester Forest

Hi all,

Regrettably, we have made the tough decision to cancel tonight’s Evening 10, as the weather forecasts are looking increasingly wet, with a risk of thunderstorms on top.

Whilst of course we only have a forecast to go on, and we might get lucky, the A46 is no place to be riding when it’s wet, and we feel that’s too big a risk to take; plus we need to make a call early enough to stop people making unnecessary journeys where possible.

Many thanks to all who’d intended to ride tonight, and to our merry band of marshals.

Thomas Sugden
Club 25 TT Record Broken - 48.45

Congratulations to TJ Key who broke the club 25TT record last weekend with a 48.45 on the R25/3H course. TJ takes the record from Carl Dyson who set the previous record in 2017. TJ also broke Carl Dyson’s 10 TT record on the 15th June (F11/10) with a 19.14.

Full details of the club records can be found here.

David Allchin
Evening 10 - 13th June - Cancelled

With the heavy rain we’ve had and more rain forecast for the early evening, we’ve taken the decision to cancel this evening’s TT. As per the Open 25, the spray on the A46 can be pretty bad. Hope to see you all next week!

David Allchin
Open 25 TT - Cancelled

Due to very poor weather conditions, we have taken the decision to cancel today's open 25. Organisers will be at the HQ as planned to advise any riders who do not see this message in time.

Thank you for your understanding.

David Allchin
LFCC Newsletter - Contributions

We are planning to produce a quarterly newsletter for LFCC members to help keep everyone up to date with goings on in the club. We’ve had some fantastic results and events but they don’t get the attention they deserve on Facebook and equally a significant number of our members don’t use Facebook at all.

The working outline for the newsletter is:

  • LFCC Events

  • LFCC Results

  • Members adventures / Inspirational Rides

  • Upcoming events

…but really news or rides that you think should be shared more widely within the club.

The first newsletter will cover roughly April - July. Copy deadline for the newsletter is 14th July.

If you’d like your results or events or adventures covered in the newsletter, please send a few paragraphs with photos to rob.jones@leicesterforest.org.uk - don’t be shy!

Support for Summer 2019 Events

To provide visibility of all upcoming volunteering needs for the club, we’ve been working on a single location on the club website to capture upcoming events, volunteers and vacancies. This is now ready to trial at https://www.leicesterforest.com/volunteering.

Please take look through the upcoming events, check your calendars, and sign up where you can support the club with your time. If you need further information (e.g. timings, locations etc), please comment on Facebook and we will add detail as it comes available. Most events will only take 2-3 hours of your time.

If you’re new to the club or lifetime member, we encourage every club member to get involved - being part of a club is an exchange, here’s your chance to give.

Leicester Forest
Club Kit Ordering Window - Closes Tomorrow (20/05/19)

If you’re after new LFCC kit you need to get your order in by 11.59pm tomorrow (20/05/19).

With the wider selection of kit available from the new supplier we have been struggling to meet minimum orders and hence the recent delays in getting kit delivered. We will be looking to review the process in the coming months with a view to minimising delays by:

  • Holding more commonly ordered kit and sizes in stock - the downside being the club’s cash being tied up in stock and having to finding suitable storage;

  • Opening up short order windows for more specialist items less frequently throughout the year to increase volumes.

We will publish the specialist order windows on the LFCC website in the coming months.. Please direct any quesitons to kit@leicesterforest.com.

Leicester Forest
Club Captain Role - Carl Dyson

The committee are pleased to announce that Carl Dyson has taken on the role of LFCC Club Captain.

The club captain role has been introduced to be a focal point for racing within the club.

The club captain will:

  • Promote competitive racing in the club;

  • Spot, promote and nurture talent within the club;

  • Facilitate training for teams and individuals;

  • Be the point of contact for anyone interested in racing;

  • Liaise with the club’s Go Ride coaches and juniors.

We hope this role will continue to support the development of competitive racing for both the juniors and seniors within the club.

If you’d like to get in touch with Carl, please email: captain@leicesterforest.com

Leicester Forest
Saturday Club Run Route Suggestions (B & C)

With the closure of Cafe Ventoux on Saturdays we are looking for suggestions for new Saturday Club Run routes for both B and C groups.

If you know of a route with flowing lanes and a great cafe please email a route (rwgps/strava/gpx links etc) to:

Rob Jones: rob.jones@leicesterforest.org.uk

Please include:

  • Start and finish at the Bulls Head;

  • A cafe stop at approximately half way that can accommodate a group of typical club run size (say 10-15 riders);

  • Indicate if this is a suggestions for a B or C ride;

In the short term the Old Barn Inn at Glootson may work well as an alternative to Ventoux with minimal route change (NB untested with groups larger than 2 yet!).

If there is a regular B group rider that would like to plan the B routes, please also get in touch with Rob above so that B routes can be updated on the website for all to see.

Leicester Forest
Evening Tens 2019 - Volunteers

Good news - we now have organisers in place for each of this year’s evening tens (6th June - 11th July Thursday Evenings). We are now looking for volunteers to make these events happen.

If you are new to the club or don’t know many people in the club, volunteering is a great way to get to know people. If you’ve never volunteered at a time trial, it’s straight forward and the event organiser will explain what to do on the day.

If you’d like to volunteer:

  1. Add you name to the Evening Tens Helper List here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1yt0zZhiGdusWhWvs7BljAKsaEEOtGKMyx8QRnQaK2-Y/edit?usp=sharing

  2. Email rob.jones@leicesterforest.org.uk so we have a way of getting in touch with you.

If you have any questions regarding volunteering please email Rob at the above address.

Leicester Forest
Discounted Sports Therapy for Members

Daniel Gwyer from Hands on Fitness in Loughborough has been in touch to offer the club a discounted rate for anyone interested in their services. The details of the services available can be found in this PDF and are detailed below:

Consultation (£30) - Does not have to be booked before other services can be used.

Two types of consultation:

1. An individual has an existing injury or may suspect injury; involves exercise based assessment and testing in a therapy room. These sessions will also involve ~30 minutes of deep tissue massage to alleviate some of the symptoms an individual may be experiencing.

2. An individual doesn't have any obvious injury but has a suspected dysfunction (such as chronic lower back pain), and would like to know how they can combat this. This would be based in more of a gym setting with exercise profiling through a number of movements to identify/strengthen areas that need attention. This does not include a massage as it can take a lot longer!

Following the consultation, depending on how the individual would like to proceed, a plan can be made utilising all of the services I provide to improve the current state of injury/dysfunction and prevent further issues. 

Alternatively the individual will be shown and given a select number of exercises that can be used to alleviate, prevent and potentially reverse some of the dysfunction experienced. 

Pricing following a consultation would then adopt normal pricing depending on the type of treatment (gym based mobility/training or massage).

Sports Massage (at least 1 hour), 1 off session is £35

If this is your first time attending, history will be taken, a form of assessment (if needed) carried out, followed by a 1 hour sports massage

- Can be purchased as a 1 off session with no other obligation

PT/Mobility (at least 1 hour), 1 off session is £30

If this is your first time attending, history will be taken, followed by a 1 hour training or mobility session

- Depending on the individuals goals, the session will be made up of all, or a select few of the following; strength and conditioning, mobility and functional fitness.

Strength and conditioning would involve, as the name suggests, building strength where needed as well as improving an individuals levels of fitness. This can also be used for performance improvements through power development.

Mobility focused sessions would involve improving an individuals range of motion (ROM) where needed, as well as encouraging pain free movement. Typically involves banded work, rolling, stretching and pelvic/spinal control.

Functional Fitness sessions focus on movement patterns that are used in everyday life, sessions incorporate static and dynamic movements to circuit based programs.

As an added benefit, I include additional loyalty discounts for multiple sessions that are booked over 4 and 8 week periods. For example, club members wanting a 1 hour sports massage every other week, for 8 weeks (as highlighted in the PDF) would bring the individual cost of the sports massage down to £30.00 an hour if purchased as a plan.

Similarly, club members wanting a 1 hour mobility session, once a week, for 4 weeks would bring the individual cost of the PT/mobility sessions down to £27.50. Also shown on the attached pricing PDF.

Please note that plan duration and the combination of services received is not limited to the attached document, but can be further tailored to meet the goals and circumstances of the individual.

Please also feel free to call me on the below number if you need more information or, are unsure of the services offered.

Pete Alfano
Evening Tens Organiser - Last chance to save this year's series

The club has been looking for new organisers for the Evening Tens since January 2019. As it stands, the events will be cancelled if a new organiser or organisers are not found by Friday 19th April.

The club would like to express its thanks to Matt F, Anna B, Lucy S, Kenny C, & Tom S for organising one or more of the 2018 events.

If this is something you might consider taking on in part or in full, please get in touch with Rob Jones (rob.jones@leicesterforest.org.uk) before the 19th April. Full support from the club and previous organisers will be given to any novice or old hand taking on this important role.

Please note that the LFCC Open Time Trials all have organisers and planned to run.

Leicester Forest
Audax Update - Another Slice of Rutland

A big thanks to Steve O. for organising a very successful 200km audax - 83 entries, 65 starters and 14 LFCC finishers. Kudos to JP who started half an hour late and was second back to HQ! Look out for the next club audax later this year.

Leicester Forest